Disable the JavaScript Console

Disable the JavaScript Console:
There are a few giant companies out there, namely Facebook and Netflix, who have decided to effectively disable a user’s ability to execute JavaScript console commands.  The decision was initially made by Facebook to prevent users from executing a specific set of commands which would expose user information via the JavaScript console (the message was sent to all Facebook users via a massive SPAM message).

// It appears Netflix is following (Facebook's lead)[https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=7222129].

(function() {
    try {
        var $_console$$ = console;
        Object.defineProperty(window, "console", {
            get: function() {
                if ($_console$$._commandLineAPI)
                    throw "Sorry, for security reasons, the script console is deactivated on netflix.com";
                return $_console$$
            set: function($val$$) {
                $_console$$ = $val$$
    } catch ($ignore$$) {

From their perspective, if disabling the consoles helps to temporarily prevent an issue, you have to do it. In the long term, it’s really not a good idea; they may become a target simply based on their effort to block people out.  Regardless, this code seems to work so if you want to prevent console executions, this will do it.

More Info:Disable Console


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