What is Javascript Call Apply ?

Javascript Call Apply :
Assume this is the code

function Person(firstName) {
  this.firstName = firstName;
Person.prototype.sayHello = function() {
  alert("Hello, I'm " + this.firstName);

sayhello is a prototype method for person

var person1 = new Person("Alice");

now consider this


i am inheriting the person so it will print

Hello I’m Alice

alert("Hello, I'm " + this.firstName);

In this situation “this” means the person1 object that is why it was able to find firstName which is a property of Person object but now see this

var helloFunction =person1.sayHello;

Here im assigning the reference of sayhello function to another variable which is not related to person in anyway but still it can be executed like this


But now the function is not being executed under person object context but under window context which is global


so it will try to find a field called first name in window object which will be undefined.

Now i want to pass reference to this function but i still want the reference to find the first name like the first case.In first case this was person1.In second case i executed with ‘this’ as window so if i want to give an inner function as reference to some other object and want to give him access to my object variables when he executes the function reference then i do this


In this case im executing the outside reference but i tell javascript that i want the ‘this’ to be person1 instead of window so if i do this i will get

Hello Im Alice

call and apply do same thing: only difference is in how you pass arguments to the function in above equation, if sayhello was declared with an argument


This is the first case if you want to do it with call then


but in apply you pass the arguments as an array


So if you have varying arguments for the function people usually use apply but if the number of arguments is less then,people use call,but both give u same output.

Trick To Remember: The apply function allow us to execute a function with an array of arguments of parameters,Call accepts an argument list.


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